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Since day one, Leon and Tina have remained steadfast in their commitment to their clients. They strive to uphold their strong reputation which is supported by an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They are compassionate about the job they do and the clients they serve. Together with their entire team, Leon and Tina provide their clients with an unmatched selling experience. 

"After interviewing numerous real estate agents in the area, I selected Tina Robbins, owner of Robbins Realty, to assist me with the sale and subsequent purchase of a new home. I could not be more delighted with her exceptional knowledge of the real estate process, market, negotiating skills, outstanding customer support and boutique-like service provided to me by her and her staff. I may well require more of real estate agents and brokers because this is my 4th real estate sale and 6th real estate purchase and I am very tedious and detailed when it comes to contract review, deadlines and negotiations. Because of this, I know what to expect of a ‘competent’ real estate agent; however, I want you to know that Tina is much, much more than merely competent, she is truly EXCEPTIONAL!

Tina is very knowledgeable of the real estate process. Her experience as both a seller’s agent and a buyer’s agent is invaluable to her clients, no matter which side of the transaction she is representing. This is because her knowledge of the process and strategies from both sides of the proverbial table help her provide you with the information you need to achieve your goals.

Tina really knows and understands the market. She closely watches the market and advises her clients of the changes that are occurring, how it impacts their search or sale; and the impact the market conditions may have on the offers they may be considering.  She provides up to date market analysis throughout the process and ongoing feedback from prospective buyers.

Tina has excellent negotiating skills. These skills were invaluable during the sale of my home as there were a number of obstacles in our way. Tina took on the buyers finance company personally when she discovered errors in their FEMA flood assessment and challenged their appraisal value- and won! Tina’s tenacious advocacy is a strength that ensures that her clients get the support and action they require to successfully close the deal.  Tina brings to her clients not only her real estate expertise, but her wealth of resources, too, which includes, recommendations for repairs, inspectors, contractors, finance support, etc.  This adds to the customized, boutique-like service received throughout the entire process.

Tina has the most amazing staff support who are ‘on call’ to handle any and all questions or concerns.  Her staff follow Tina’s leadership in putting the client first, making me feel like I’m her/their one and only priority.  When something needs to be done, she and her staff gets it done timely and she keeps you updated on the status.

Tina’s commitment to her clients is evident through her phenomenal customer service. There is no such thing as business hours’ with Tina. She is available tending to my questions and needs everyday at all hours. That said, there were times when we would be corresponding late in the evening to address both major and minor bumps in the road.  I have always felt that I had her full and undivided attention throughout the entire sale and purchase process. Tina has a very gentle, inviting and warm demeanor, however don’t be fooled, she can be a pit bull when it comes to negotiating.  Tina has outstanding organizational skills which were evident as she attended to and managed every deadline. Tina was also was very good about coordinating all of the auxiliary parties that can and do impact the process and timelines; she maintains close contact with the agent on the other side of the contract, the loan broker, contractors, etc… and provides you with updates so that you know where you stand throughout the process.

To say that Tina was incredible to work with is truly an understatement. I would not hesitate to use Tina for any transactions in the greater Atlanta area and will be recommending her to anyone I come across that needs the services of an exceptional real estate professional. I have gained an excellent real estate reference and more so, a dear friend."

-Susan Park, seller 2013

“The team of Tina and Leon Robbins were instrumental in selling my house. They came over one year before I listed it and gave me design pointers to make my property more desirable. They helped me set the exact right price that would draw the buyers I needed.

How do I know their expertise worked? My house sold within two weeks of listing and I got the price I wanted!! Maybe I'm lucky, but I think it was the Robbins’ experience and know how that set the conditions needed for a successful sale.

The week I was moving, selling my home and getting married, Leon and Tina took care to make sure I was informed of what was going on; that all of my paperwork was on track and that I didn't worry about the closing! And I didn't! They were wonderful and instrumental in making the sale of my home stress free!!

It takes skill to sell a house, and you get a great skilled team with Tina and Leon!”

-Karen B., seller 2012

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“We would like to thank Leon and Tina for their great service in selling our family property. The property was handled and sold in an extremely professional manner. 

In a time where property is slow to sell, this all happened extremely fast. They were there for us any time we needed them by phone or e-mail to answer a question or to keep us abreast as to any business at hand. We will and have recommended Robbins Realty to our friends and relatives. 

Again, thank you for a smooth transaction and will use Robbins Realty in the future.” 

-Walt & Sally D. seller 2012

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“To start I did not know what to do with my current situation falling among hard times regarding my home. I knew that I had bought my home from a very reputable realtor, Tina and Leon Robbins, so I decided to give them a call when it was time to sell. 

I met with Leon and Tina and we talked about my options. He was very thorough explaining the process and my options, so I decided to go with a short sale. The entire process was completed smoothly in less than four months.  

I could not recommend a more concerned realtor than Tina and Leon. I highly recommend them and I would definitely do business with them again!”

-Connie T., seller 2011

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